Sunday, 21 July 2013

When you open your heart to giving, angels fly to your door.

We worry whether we'll get straight As in our exams. There are people who worry whether they'll even get to go to a school and study. We worry about whether mum's going to cook our favorite food this week. There are people who worry about whether they'll even get to fill their stomachs with something as small as a piece of bread.
It's only a matter of time that we realize how better off and how luckier we are than so many people out there. We keep complaining to our parents about out how our friends have the latest iPhone model and how they wear branded clothes and we don't. Little do we realize that there are people in the same world who long to cover themselves with proper clothes, who don't even know that brands and labels exist.
It takes us less than a millisecond to turn to God with anger in our hearts and frowns on our faces as we complain to Him about how He doesn't grant us our wishes. We don't realize how much He is giving us, showering on us and there are people who He doesn't give anything at all.
Between our constant I-want-a-new-phone and I-don't-to-eat-this ramblings, we fail to notice those poor, homeless people spending their days and nights on dry, hard footpaths. Barefoot, shelter less and hungry -they crave for something as simple as a sip of clean water.
The children we see every day picking and collecting garbage in the huge, dirty bags hung over their shoulders, while on our way to our schools and colleges. Do they not deserve to carry a knapsack loaded with books? Or wear the blue and white checkered uniform with shiny, polished shoes? They aren't any different from us, are they? Yet we complain and whine about how imperfect our lives are. Little do we realize that this tad ungratefulness will take away all that we have now and we'll be left with nothing.
If God is constantly showering His blessings on you and giving you more than you ever asked for, do not for a moment think that He is very happy with you and depending on that assumption you stop praying to God. No. It is nothing but a test. A test to see how you extend that helping hand and help those poor, unfortunate souls from the expanding amount of wealth He's giving you.
Don't be ungrateful and tired of your ‘miserable’ life. Learn to be happy with what you have and don't whine about what you don't. Because there are people who don't even have a quarter of what you have all together.
It all comes down to being thankful enough and thanking God for every little thing He gives you. Also, being generous and having a huge heart when it comes to helping others. Maybe, God will then give you something you've never even dreamed of. Paradise.

Mareah Ariff.

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