Thursday, 4 July 2013

Life beyond death.

It seemed angry, the sea, wild and roaring anger. Its waves reaching out to grab me and then pulling back in furious reluctance, coming closer and closer each time. I looked down at it as it crept up faster, standing my ground. I dug my feet deeper into the gritty sand and grinned as each new wave bought in a splash of cool. For something so angry it was very cool.
I took steps back as it leapt forward, eager, and soon it became a careful dance. I kept my eyes fixed on it, and my cousins standing with me laughing and squealing at the might of the ocean. It got more angry, foaming and frothing its way closer.
One wayward cousin leapt ahead challenging the sea in a daring attempt. He danced and waved at us, calling us out further. One started to give in to the temptation, but I held her back, "No more."
I yelled for him to come back. I could hear him snorting, wave me away and ride the wave. "You don't even know how to swim! And I don't think even that would help! Come back you idiot!" I screamed.
"You're paranoid! It's fine!" He yelled. I started to make my way to him and he took steps further back, cheekily.
"You come forward I go back!" He yelled taking another step back, one too far. There was no floor to step on. He slipped under the water, his hands calling out in a desperate plea.
"Call the life guard!" I yelled to my cousin who stood at my side. She began running. I glanced at the distance. Too far and too slow.
He surfaced, I growled and began to run forward. The sea rushed to greet me and I could almost hear the maniac laugh echoing through. It crashed against me, the salty water blinding me for a second. I vaguely made out his arms flailing a few feet ahead. My eyes watched a huge wave in making. I struggled forward, desperate but determined.
I reached out, so close. I kicked my feet against the water and grabbed his arm, gasping as the sea took revenge by pulling us deeper. I pulled him up and he clung to me, in his panicked state he dug his nails in my shoulders and I gave out a cry. I wrapped my arms around him and screamed, "When I tell you, LET GO!"
He looked at me, wildly refusing, and I repeated, turning around to glance behind me. Almost there... I grimaced as he clung to me harder, my arms now aching and the salty water making my eyes burn. Closer... "Now!" I yelled prying him off me. He protested, but I managed to throw him ahead. I did not get a chance to move ahead though. The wave crashed upon us moving us with fierce determination. Him forward towards hope, family and life. Me downwards to its crushing depths.
There was no sound, only silence as I whirled wildly, lost. My feet and arms burned, but my lungs protested the most. I kicked again closing my eyes to the burning. I surfaced, gasping and only for a moment, before the sea pulled me back gleefully. I kicked again and felt something slimy catch my foot. The air rushed out of me in furious bubbles as I glanced down.
Seaweed had clutched my leg, aiding the ocean in grasping another victim. I struggled, getting more tangled. My lungs burned and I longed for a gulp of air. I tried scratching the seaweed away, but my vision was blurring and my chest ached. I looked around me at the nothingness. For as far as I could see there was only murky water and gritty sand. There was no sound and it was almost serene. Almost.
Spots began to creep around my sight and my eyes closed. My heart thrummed in a desperate plea and my feet gave one last kick. My body gave up the last few gasps of air and I felt sharp pain.
Then, everything went black.

"I'm Salma Ali and this Faisal Khan and we're back with today's headlines." A bright girl told the viewers.
"A factory in Karachi burned. 8 found dead. 7 wounded." Faisal begin in an official voice.
"An 18 year old girl drowned at Hawks Bay while saving, successfully, her cousin." Salma added...

Ilma Zuberi.

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