Friday, 31 May 2013

What are we about!

Aurora is a blog where we write what our heart wants to write, starting from different creative stories to long lasting discussions (I'm the creative part of Aurora here :P). Hopefully, you will imagine yourself in a new world due to our words (which I'll... We'll make as witty and picturesque as possible).

Our aim is to create a new look for writing. A place where you can express yourself freely (not Too much now :P).You will find writings starting from technology to football, from reality to the world you create in your mind, from politics to the wild happens around us.
Our writers:
Ilma Zuberi: A very inventive writer, or as she calls it AWESOME writer (Oh you flatter me too much –blushes-) who has flair for spinning tales that you will definitely read till the end and yearn for more.
Zeeshan Ayub: An updater (is that a word? Eh, it defines him) of the new techs, he portrays his point of view on international relations (and he’s pretty good at it too :D) with a sharp focus and thoughtful touchHis perspective might just change yours.
You can also be a part of Aurora! Just email us your pieces on and we will definitely find a place for you here. 
Keep visiting us for new updates (and inspired stories)!!! =)
Good day, Zeeshan Ayub.
Ciao, Ilma Zuberi.